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Katerina Valdivia Bruch

is a Berlin-based independent curator, arts writer and art critic. She has curated exhibitions and organised talks and lectures for a number of institutions, in Germany (Berlin, Karlsruhe, Bonn and Munich) and overseas (Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, Turkey, Indonesia, Czech Republic and Spain). In 2008, she was co-curator of the Prague Triennale at the National Gallery in Prague. Besides her work as a curator, she contributes essays, interviews and articles to art publications and magazines.
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Her first passion, dance, has taken her to different countries, where she has developed her practice as a choreographer and dancer, but also as a teacher. She has performed, created choreographies and video dance pieces, and given contemporary dance lessons and workshops in Germany, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Croatia, Serbia, Poland and Spain. As a dancer and choreographer, she develops and participates in artistic projects within an interdisciplinary scope.
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