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Festival FIAC bioterio
XVII International Festival of Contemporary Art in Leon, Mexico


Aproximaciones a una poética del espacio

Artists: Yoel Díaz Vázquez, Laura F. Gibellini, Simonetta Fadda, Stine Eriksen, Diego Lama, Daniela Lehmann Carrasco, Sara Nuytemans & Arya Pandjalu, Reynold Reynolds
Curated by Katerina Valdivia Bruch

Exhibition: 30 August - 23 September 2012

Aproximaciones a una poética del espacio (Approaches to a Poetics of Space) brings together video works from nine international artists and how they redefine the perception we have of the space we live in.

For the FIAC festival, the exhibition will be presented at the library of gallery Jesús Gallardo, bus terminals and stations, and at KinoRoom, an artist run space dedicated to film and art. 

[ curatorial text (Spanish) ]

Lotus Story

As part of the festival, Krisna Murti's video Lotus Story will be screened at the cine club Casa de la Cultura Diego Rivera

Video: Krisna Murti
Dance: Katerina Valdivia Bruch

Screening schedule:
31 August (12 pm), 1 September (5.30 and 7 pm), 2 September at (12 and 7 pm),
3 September (12 and 7 pm), and 4 September (10 am and 8 pm)

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